08th > 26th MAY 2013 / SÈTE

Five years is not an anniversary, nor a date to mark on the calendar, it is more something to be proud of: to have turned a corner! ImageSingulières found its place on the photographic landscape by overcoming obstacles and in spite of limited means intends to continue its ambition to offer an innovative schedule. The world is at melting point: endless wars; social outcry; mafias; revolutions and sometimes, in the middle of this hotbed, good news is a rare occurrence. The role of photographers is therefore crucial. They have the onerous task, amongst others, of recording these troubled times. It is important for us to support them and to defend their points of view.

This year we have given Cédric Gerbehaye carte blanche for the sixth book in the IS collection: a return to black and white and a change of publisher. Le Bec en l’Air will be our new consort. Cédric, a regular long-term reporter, slid into his role as resident with the same implication, the same desire to understand and to analyse before photographing. Roger Ballen, an American photographer living in South Africa the last thirty years, will exhibit his work, unprecedented images entitled “Outland” about the white deprived populations of Johannesburg at the Maison de l’Image Documentaire. Claire Martin, a young Australian from Perth, proposes three about marginalized communities in Australia, the United States and Canada, whilst the Swedish Martin Bogren has shared teenager boredom in southern Sweden with a lust for life where old Volvos take pride of place. At the CRAC (Regional Centre for Contemporary Art), the Mediterranean will take centre stage with Ad van Denderen’s colourful tour of all countries bordering the big blue… Eugenia Maximova and her amazing cemeteries in the former USSR and Adam Panczuk with “In the Rhythm of the Land” about Polish peasants present two creations from the East. A theme about the desert with firstly a film, “Lost Territory” by Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd, the often unheralded work of Hugues de Wurstemberger about the Saharan people, and the majestic frontal portraits of Tibesti rebels by Marie-Laure de Decker. There is a group exhibition outdoors about anthropometric photography with convicts, victims of the Holocaust, Stalin and the Khmer Rouge.
As always there will be three evenings of screenings. The first will be devoted to sport with, amongst other things, a retrospective of the pre-war Tour de France. Christian Caujolle will be responsible for the second evening and the third will be a celebration of the tenth anniversary of Picturetank, including a tribute to Éric Bouvet, a survivor of the ‘grande époque’ of photo agencies.

‘Take me to the end of the world,’ Blaise Cendrars said in his eponymous novel. That is what we will do with the complicity of the photographers invited to Sète for this fifth ImageSingulières festival.

Artistic director of ImageSingulières